Ladies Gameness Air Pro Uniform

Ladies Gameness Air Pro Uniform

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The Ladies Air Pro Uniform is the next evolution in ultra-light jiu-jitsu uniform. The Air Pro features a 350 GSM jacket that is incredibly light, soft and competition ready. The Air Pro is a great uniform to help you make weight at your next tournament or as an everyday training uniform for those looking for a lighter uniform that feels amazing. The design of the Gameness Air Pro is super clean, with embroideries adorning the jacket and pants. The pants feature 6 belt loops, a rope draw cord and an 8oz rip stop fabric that keeps this uniform ultra-light and built to last. The Air Pro is available in White, Blue and Black and meets the IBJJF competition requirements.

  • 350 gram ultra light weave jacket
  • Rubber collar for faster drying
  • Seamless back for comfortable rolling
  • An embroidered Gameness logo on the chest and “G” patches on the shoulders
  • 12 oz. cotton/poly blend twill pants for comfort and durability
  • An embroidered “G” on the upper thigh of the pants
  • The Gameness Female Air Pro is available in White, Blue and Black. Available sizes are F1, F2, F3, F4, F5.
  • Belts sold separately.

Size      Height              Weight

F1     4'9" - 5'0"     85 lbs. - 105 lbs.

F2     5'0" - 5'4"     100 lbs. - 125 lbs.

F3     5'3" - 5'6"     120 lbs. - 150 lbs.

F4     5'6" - 5'9"     140 lbs. - 175 lbs.

F5     5'8" - 6'0"     170 lbs. - 205 lbs.

 (All Gameness gis take a minimum of 5 days in production before shipping)

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