(KIDS) Gameness Pearl Uniform

(KIDS) Gameness Pearl Uniform

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The Carlos Machado Jiu-Jitsu Youth Pearl Uniform is a premium BJJ uniform that was modeled after the award winning Gameness Pearl uniform. A great ultralight option for youth grapplers with the same quality materials and stitching as the adult uniforms, this kimono is built to last. The Youth Pearl uniforms feature a clean, simple look and all models come with elastic pants.

Available in White, Blue and Black, sizes K000 to K1.

Size  Height  Weight/Age
 K000  3'9" - 4'  40 lbs. - 55 lbs./3-5 yrs
 K00  4' - 4'4"  50 lbs. - 70 lbs./5-7 yrs
 K0  4'4" - 4'9"   65 lbs. - 85 lbs./7-9 yrs
 K1  4'9" - 5'1"  80 lbs. - 105 lbs./9-11 yrs

(All Gameness gis take a minimum of 5 days in production before shipping)

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